Heya! I'm Phoenix. I am a intermediate coder. I hang out on PianoRhythm and sometimes Multiplayer Piano


If you wanna see my github projects

My Github Projects


The Projects I'm currently working on

Neptune - A Multiplayer Piano userscript made to play MIDIs and allow use of cool and fun commands.

Multiplayer - A clone of Multiplayer Piano but has the original css / html and script.js.

MPP Skins - Skin packs for Multiplayer Piano.

Multiplayer Cursors - A website W.I.P designed for chatting and other things.

Finished Projects

NMPB - A remake of Ray's NMPB GUI but made with electron.

Kahoot Flooder - I originally made this to troll my teachers. But now it's open source.

Squid Proxy - A open source script that allows you to make proxies on aws/google cloud/lindode.

MPP MIDI Player - An easy to use MIDI player module for Multiplayer Piano.

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